Friday, 20 June 2014

Traveling Destination 2- Attunga.

Hello Every body

 For those of you wondering yes I'm at my next destination Attunga! 
I've been here for about a week now! times going way to fast!

Attunga is a truly Amazing, Wonderful, Beautiful and Delightful Place with Amazing views look outs and the beautiful amazing wild life the birds are so colourful here, it is also very cold up here, been a little bit rainy and windy somedays other wise it's been wonderful days and well the cold you can't really turn it around after all it's winter you just have to dress right, aahhh summer come back :)  

I have mainly been helping fill feed bags, feed the Horses and Donkeys and just enjoying the bush I think we almost for got how peaceful it really is in the bush, I can't explain how much I've been enjoying it just being able to be back out in the bush and being around horses I never new how much I really enjoyed and missed the bush!
There has been a lot of Ducks around lately and those really colourful birds here too.

The Escape Donkey!
Last Sunday we had an escape Donkey!! As crazy as it sounds we think he fell over the Fence cause when we went looking nothing was broken but it was a little loose and he wasn't trying to run away he stayed right next to the gate were his friends were, but he wasn't going to go back in easy!! But after a while we got him back in..... The hardest part it wasn't day light it was like 9pm so it was much harder to see, and Trying to make sure the others didn't run out while we were getting him back in! My goodness Donkeys don't like to move!!

Day Trip to the City!
Yesterday we went to Cronulla for the day and well dad took us the other way he use to go when he was younger so it was also kind of like a drive down memory lane! we went shopping and had lunch near the beach and all that, I wish I had my swimmers I so totally wanted to go in the water and I also went in a glass lift it was so cool I had never done that before it was awesome!!

I have some photos from at Cronulla and Attunga so I'll try up load them sometime soon!


Thursday, 12 June 2014

Batemans Bay Travels

Well Sitting here tonight it's kind of hard to think it's my last night here at this beautiful place  Batemans Bay

Here in the Bay it has been some of what I'd call an adventure, with coming here only expecting to stay a few weeks turned in to a lot longer I think We've been here for a bit over 7 months and well now I'm saying good bye to this beautiful place and some of the most beautiful people I have come to meet while being here and they all hold a special place in my heart and will for ever.
while I was in the bay for the 7 months I had some amazing opportunity to do many different things, 

Some of the things I did while I was here @ Batemans Bays 

I Volunteered at the Olive Tree it was a little coffee shop (Run by the church I went to while I was here in this beautiful town)
I was able to help with kids Church  
Dad also got a boat have many memories on it, look out for my "Boat Post" to hear all of our cool, fun, funny and Adventures stories on the water!
I also got to go get my boat License
Went to Minnamurra Rainforest with a friend that I met here. Keep an eye out for my "Minnamurra Rainforest post" to see photos and the story of our adventure in the forest.
Got to see 2 amazing lookout spots that over look Batemans bay and surrounding areas like the ocean and beautiful Beaches, wow what awesome Views they were.
Got to go Swimming and fishing at different Beaches.
Got to go Shopping and Op shopping
Went to Mogo Zoo, there were some pretty cool animals!! The Monkeys were my Favorite!
I also went to a town called Moruya, and went shopping got to see the horse racing track, It was at Moruya where I got my Guitar from.
It was also while we where here only a few months back that dad had his heart attack boy was it scary,  But I am every thankful and happy to say he is getting much much better in fact his almost back to normal but he still has things his been told he can't do yet such as heavy lifting...But it's great to see him doing so very well, as he means the world to my Family and I it was a very scary and challenging time a time where although you wish you could do something you knew there was nothing much you could do but, Pray have faith and know God has his hand around it all! and that he did thanks to every body who was praying.  

 It has truly been an- Awesome, Amazing, Exciting, Fun, Scary, challenging and a time to remember being here I Actually never thought I'd say it but the thought of leaving is making me want to cry, But I'm so truly Keen and ready to see what god has planned for the next chapter in my life and with out a doubt I'm sure it'll be awesome!! & oh boy am I ready to get out of suburbia WooHoo!!! (it's the only thing I didn't really like about being here!)  
Well it's getting late now and I'm so ready for sleep after a very long day packing and cleaning ready to hit the road tomorrow so I guess I best be going so I can enjoy traveling to my next destination


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Little Bit about me

Hello To All Of My Friends, Family And Anyone Else Reading

So I've been thinking about doing a blog for a while now and well here I am finally started one still getting use to this whole blog thing though so I'm sorry if it seem like my post are always slow in getting a new one up, besides being pretty busy

So I thought I should share a little about what my blog is about and the kind of things I like to do.

So my blog will be hopefully over time filled with, My Ideas, Recipes, New Adventures, Stories, Dreams, Travels and Goals

For those of you who know me you'd know I'm pretty chilled and well like to do just about anything.

I like most out door activities and sports, Some of My favorite out door activities are ~
  1. Motor bike riding
  2. Bush walking
  3. Abseiling
  4. Horse riding 
  5. Netball
  6. Winter Bonfires 
  7. Swimming 
  8. Boating 
Other things I also like~

Going to youth, Church , Spending time with my friends and family,
 Music, Games, Cooking,
Photography, Travelling and Meeting new people. 

If you would like to feel free to follow me and see the next
Adventures, Ideas, Travels and more in the Crazy, Fun, Busy Life of Mine.