Friday, 20 June 2014

Traveling Destination 2- Attunga.

Hello Every body

 For those of you wondering yes I'm at my next destination Attunga! 
I've been here for about a week now! times going way to fast!

Attunga is a truly Amazing, Wonderful, Beautiful and Delightful Place with Amazing views look outs and the beautiful amazing wild life the birds are so colourful here, it is also very cold up here, been a little bit rainy and windy somedays other wise it's been wonderful days and well the cold you can't really turn it around after all it's winter you just have to dress right, aahhh summer come back :)  

I have mainly been helping fill feed bags, feed the Horses and Donkeys and just enjoying the bush I think we almost for got how peaceful it really is in the bush, I can't explain how much I've been enjoying it just being able to be back out in the bush and being around horses I never new how much I really enjoyed and missed the bush!
There has been a lot of Ducks around lately and those really colourful birds here too.

The Escape Donkey!
Last Sunday we had an escape Donkey!! As crazy as it sounds we think he fell over the Fence cause when we went looking nothing was broken but it was a little loose and he wasn't trying to run away he stayed right next to the gate were his friends were, but he wasn't going to go back in easy!! But after a while we got him back in..... The hardest part it wasn't day light it was like 9pm so it was much harder to see, and Trying to make sure the others didn't run out while we were getting him back in! My goodness Donkeys don't like to move!!

Day Trip to the City!
Yesterday we went to Cronulla for the day and well dad took us the other way he use to go when he was younger so it was also kind of like a drive down memory lane! we went shopping and had lunch near the beach and all that, I wish I had my swimmers I so totally wanted to go in the water and I also went in a glass lift it was so cool I had never done that before it was awesome!!

I have some photos from at Cronulla and Attunga so I'll try up load them sometime soon!


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